A Forecast into Future of Brisbane Property Market

While the Brisbane property market has hit a plateau, the fundamentals remain sound. As a result, there is now a good window of time in which to property investor can purchase their dream property in Brisbane, before prices rise again.

But don’t just delve into property purchase without the guide of a buyers agency Brisbane. It is important to know that even in a booming property market, investors still lose money due to inappropriate buying process.

Because of its distinctive culture and economic advantages, including a large number of well-paying knowledge worker positions, hosting the 2032 Olympics will place Brisbane on the world map and draw in a large number of people from other countries.

You shouldn’t tie the timing of your next property purchase based on where we are in the cycle; instead, take the long view and, if your income is stable and the time is appropriate, this may be a great opportunity to enter the Brisbane property market before others do.

Do you have concerns about the Brisbane Investment Property beyond the year 2023?

The housing market in Brisbane, Australia, was the strongest in 2021, with several areas seeing home price increases of 30 percent or more. Even when the rest of Australia slowed down in 2022, the property market in Brisbane kept on booming.

Another indication of the robust nature of the Brisbane property market is that it continued to thrive despite the city’s terrible floods at the beginning of the year 2022.

Analysis of the Brisbane Property Market by Experts Buyers Agents

In 2021, Brisbane’s property market finally adjusted to the unrelenting demand for property caused by Covid-19, and home property prices soared at their fastest annual rate in 13 years.

There were over 400 suburbs that joined the million-dollar club as a result of this once-in-a-generation real estate boom. The Brisbane property market remained robust throughout the first half of 2022, in contrast to the rest of Australia.

Prices have begun to decline from their high, but the market is only lagging behind the rest of Australia by quite a little. In addition, buyers agents thinks the city-wide cost of living is still significantly higher than it was a year ago, in stark contrast to Sydney and Melbourne.

The median home price in Brisbane was $817,684 in November 2022, down 2.2% from the previous month and 6.2% from the previous quarter. But year-on-year, Brisbane’s house property prices are 8% higher today.

It’s the same thing for units too.

The median unit price in Brisbane property market is $494,785, down 0.9% from last month and 1.2% from the previous quarter, but up 10.7% from the same period a year ago.

You may wonder why the property purchase trend is so strong.

Australians searching for cheaper investment property in lifestyle areas have been making a major movement within the country, primarily from Victoria and New South Wales, to Queensland. In turn, this has led to a thriving to the Brisbane investment property, according to experts buyers agency Brisbane.

However, if you’re seeking to purchase property, you’ll be happy to know that Brisbane market offers better value than both Sydney and Melbourne, despite still being one of the strongest states in the country.

Brisbane Property Prices Forecast

According to analysis from our buyers agency Brisbane experts, housing prices in Brisbane rose by 42.7% from their low to high point during the Covid period, but have since plummeted by -6.2% from those highs. However, the Brisbane property market remains highly fragmented.

Further analysis by some buyers agent reveals that detached Brisbane homes located within 7–10 minutes of the central business district (CBD) or in desirable school districts have seen the greatest appreciation in value. In reality, it’s a tale of two cities, with certain properties thriving while others flounder.

The worst performing parts of the market:

Apartments in high-rise buildings, as well as sales of apartments in the planning stages and just after construction, have the lowest market performance.

Real estate in working-class neighbourhoods and new subdivisions, where many young families are likely to have taken on too much debt and subsequently be unemployed for a while.

While the recession caused by the coronavirus hit some Queenslanders hard, some real estate agents and property buyers were able to take advantage of the record low mortgage rates to improve their houses or invest in real estate.

Actually, this is why Brisbane property market fared better than other cities in the global economic slowdown caused by the epidemic last year. While the city did feel the effects of decreased immigration, it benefited from those who relocated to Florida for the state’s favourable lifestyle.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in migration to Queensland from other Australian states, with Brisbane serving as the state’s primary entry point.

In the March 2021 quarter, the Sunshine State gained 7,035 people from other states, while NSW lost 4,463 and Victoria lost 4,864. This added to the recovery that was already under way after the apartment-building boom triggered a private rental market vacancy rate that REIQ figures show peaked at 4.1% in December 2016.

The Current State of The Brisbane Real Estate Market

In Brisbane, detached houses are in high demand, especially in the inner and middle ring suburbs, and lifestyle areas are in even higher demand, therefore it’s probable that the former will surpass the latter. However, apartment demand is expected to remain relatively weak.

Although there are areas of Brisbane with high potential for development for real estate business; homes in these areas may be excellent long-term investments if purchased at the correct price.

The Current Trends

Brisbane high-rise apartment complexes, already reeling from the bad press surrounding their structural difficulties before Covid-19, will become the slums of the future as homeowners and investors avoid them.

Keep in mind however that those on lower incomes have been hit more by Covid-19 than those on higher incomes, who are more likely to see their income return to normal (if it was indeed affected) more quickly.

After every economic crisis, there is a rush to better-quality homes and a refocus on liveability.

Not only will the house itself need to suit these newly developed criteria, but a “liveable” location will play a key part. Some property purchasers may be ready to spend a little more for properties with “pandemic appeal” and a bit more room and security.

To many people, liveability is a mix of the following factors:

  • Proximity to parks, stores, facilities, and reputable institutions of learning.
  • Easily accessible public transportation (which may become less crucial in the future) or a well-developed road network.

Provision of Employment Opportunities

If you have a stable income and your spending is under control, now is an excellent time to invest in a home in the Brisbane area.

Quality real estate is currently a seller’s market where asking prices might go up further due to a shortage of investment- and consumer-grade houses.

House prices in Brisbane have outperformed unit prices by a wide margin, and it’s not only in particular areas.


To know the best timing for the right property investment, and when to take the best opportunity in property purchase, our buyer’s agent recommends that you pursue the right buying process for your dream property. Deal with the best Brisbane buyers agency for the best results.

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